EBE-EUSMOSI presentation at EDEN Conference

eden conference 2016We are very pleased that our EBE-EUSMOSI submission was selected for presentation at the European EDEN Conference:

Join us at the EBE-EUSMOSI presentation for discussing the introduction of evidence-based assessment in inclusive school education!

The EBE-EUSMOSI presentation will take place in the synergy session F4 on Friday, 17th of June (from 09:00 to 10:30).

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EBE-EUSMOSI Presents Assessment Instrument on Inclusion

20160607_EBE-ESUMOSI_Multiplier Event, 14th of June, UdineEBE-EUSMOSI invites to an exciting European event:

The new Assessment Instrument on Inclusion will be presented for the first time! All teachers and experts of inclusive school education are welcome to test, discuss and improve the assessment instrument.

It was developed by the EBE-EUSMOSI consortium and aims at the introduction of evidence-based education in inclusive schools.

The European event is taking place on Tuesday, 14th of June 2016 at the University of Udine.

Second Teacher Training in Perugia

2015_PerugiaSecond successful teacher exchange and training and Kick-Off for Evidence-based Education in School Inclusion Online: EBE-EUSMOSI enables continuation of mobility for 20 Italian and 20 Spanish teachers

From 7th to 11th of September, the second Teacher Training was organized by EBE-EUSMOSI, this time in Perugia. This Mobility was welcoming the same 20 Spanish teachers and 20 Italian teachers that already met in Barcelona during the first Teacher Training in June 2015 to continue the training activities. Topics of this second Teacher Training were again Prosociality and Social and Emotional Learning, but in this phase the focus was on Social and Emotional Learning. The training sessions were held at the Department of Philosophy, Social and Human Sciences and Education of the University of Perugia. Read more

EBE-EUSMOSI International Events in Barcelona

ebe-eusmosi-video01EBE-EUSMOSI was inviting to two major international events:

– The Multiplier Event for interested stakeholders on 24th of June 2015

– The Transnational Meeting for exchanging experts on 25th of June 2015

Both events took place at the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB).

Here you can find the video about the EBE-EUSMOSI meeting:

https://vimeo.com/131678525 Read more

First European Meeting of EBE-EUSMOSI

2015_Barcelona_expertssjpgEBE-EUSMOSI invited European experts to its first European event:

On June 25th, the first European meeting of EBE-EUSMOSI took place at Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona. The event saw a wide audience attending, ranging not only from the involved teachers and the EBE-EUSMOSI teams, but also from other stakeholders, such as further teachers, researchers and students. All of them were interested in the topics of school inclusion, evidence-based education, Prosociality and Social and Emotional Learning and were coming from all fields, from education to psychology. One keynote speaker was Dr. Alan Bruce, Director of Universal Learning System, who gave a very deep and insightful speech not just about learning and education, but society and the times we are living in, thus setting the EBE-EUSMOSI initiative in a wider framework. Read more

First Teacher Training in Barcelona

2015_Barcelona_teachersjpgFirst successful teacher exchange and training on Evidence-based Education in School Inclusion: EBE-EUSMOSI enables first mobility for 20 Italian and 20 Spanish teachers

From 22st to 26th of June 2015, the first Joint Teacher Training took place realized by the University of Perugia and the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona. This first mobility allowed 20 Italian teachers and 20 Spanish teachers of grade 4 of primary school (children aged 8/9) to participate in an intensive training. Topics of this first Teacher Training were Prosociality and Social and Emotional Learning with a special focus on Prosociality. All teachers were coming from those classes that were selected as experimental classes for the evaluation of evidence-based school education. Read more

Joint UNESCO-EBE-EUSMOSI Workshop at LINQ 2015

LINQ_2015_logo_animatedEBE-EUSMOSI is proud to hold a joint workshop with UNESCO at the international conference LINQ 2015!

UNESCO underlined the importance of inclusive education for all. Zeynep Varoglu, the responsible UNESCO officer pointed out that there is a huge and increasing demand by teachers: Therefore UNESCO has developed guidelines that will be presented and discussed during the workshop with all participants. Read more