First Teacher Training in Barcelona

2015_Barcelona_teachersjpgFirst successful teacher exchange and training on Evidence-based Education in School Inclusion: EBE-EUSMOSI enables first mobility for 20 Italian and 20 Spanish teachers

From 22st to 26th of June 2015, the first Joint Teacher Training took place realized by the University of Perugia and the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona. This first mobility allowed 20 Italian teachers and 20 Spanish teachers of grade 4 of primary school (children aged 8/9) to participate in an intensive training. Topics of this first Teacher Training were Prosociality and Social and Emotional Learning with a special focus on Prosociality. All teachers were coming from those classes that were selected as experimental classes for the evaluation of evidence-based school education.

The teacher training gained great enthusiasm and interest from all the people involved: It provided an in-depth training on Prosociality from Dr. Robert Roche and Dr. Mayka Cirera (both Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona) and a first glance at Social and Emotional Learning by Dr. Annalisa Morganti. In addition, a first lesson on inclusive education was hold by Dr. Lucio Cottini (University of Udine). The teachers were also introduced to the EBE-EUSMOSI initiative, its aim, objectives and prospects. The whole curriculum of the Teacher Training was designed and elaborated by Dr. Roche and Dr. Morganti.

During these four days, Italian and Spanish teachers were also able to form a friendship bond that still lasts to these days, establishing thus a pleasurable atmosphere of sharing and learning together, not anymore as two separate groups but as one whole entity of learners willing to put themselves into question and grow both professionally and personally. The second teacher training will focus on Social and Emotional Learning and will take place in September 2015 in Perugia.