EBE-EUSMOSI aimed to identify and integrate, within a reference model, the research procedures which can contribute to an evidence-based validation of educational programs aimed at school inclusion for all pupils.

Thus the project was dedicated to:

  1. Develop a European reference model able to assess the quality of school inclusion in an EBE perspective
  2. Carry out research in different European countries on school inclusion, in conformity with the above model
  3. Prepare and validate a tool able to assess school inclusion in different organizational and cultural contexts through a pilot study
  4. Define the implications of the research project on the different actors involved (policy makers, teachers, students, families), as well as integrate specific training models in the teacher curriculum
  5. Realize a European research network able to research and combine theories and application needs
  6. State the impact on the activities’ beneficiaries and outline shared guidelines
  7. Disseminate the results and model, also through the development and exploitation of Open Educational Resources