Autonomous University of Barcelona

The Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) is research partner of the EBE-EUSMOSI initiative responsible for design and testing.

Key staff: Robert Roche, Pilar Escotorin, Mayka CireraMar Badia Martin


UAB_logoLaboratory of Applied Prosocial Research (LIPA, from the Spanish for Laboratorio de Investigación Prosocial Aplicada) of the Universidad Autónoma of Barcelona

LIPA is a multidisciplinary and international team formed by some professors of the USB and several external specialists. Founded by Robert Roche Olivar it has designed intervention models to improve the prosocial quality of the communication in organisational training contexts.

Currently, LIPA works with a network of experts in Prosociality from inside and outside the UAB’s Faculty of Psychology, completing projects of prosocial optimisation and training programs in Spain, Europe and Latin America.

LIPA develops transference programs (Izquierdo, 2010) for the education, penitentiary, sanitary, social, political and organizational-entrepreneurial areas.

Throughout its history, the LIPA group has been part of different European transference programs on applied prosociality, offering replicable intervention methodologies in social problems, like school desertion, presented in this book together with Project MOST (2011), as well as the transference of prosociality into the sanitary area (Project CHANGE, 2010); into de business tourism sector (Project Train to Change, 2013), into the university education in order to improve the equity rates regarding the access to the labor market in Latin America (Project SPRING, 2012-2014), and today, social Inclusion in schools (EBE EUSMOSI) and healthcare and social competencies for caregivers in gerontology (TOGETHER)