First European Meeting of EBE-EUSMOSI

2015_Barcelona_expertssjpgEBE-EUSMOSI invited European experts to its first European event:

On June 25th, the first European meeting of EBE-EUSMOSI took place at Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona. The event saw a wide audience attending, ranging not only from the involved teachers and the EBE-EUSMOSI teams, but also from other stakeholders, such as further teachers, researchers and students. All of them were interested in the topics of school inclusion, evidence-based education, Prosociality and Social and Emotional Learning and were coming from all fields, from education to psychology. One keynote speaker was Dr. Alan Bruce, Director of Universal Learning System, who gave a very deep and insightful speech not just about learning and education, but society and the times we are living in, thus setting the EBE-EUSMOSI initiative in a wider framework. Read more