Second Teacher Training in Perugia

2015_PerugiaSecond successful teacher exchange and training and Kick-Off for Evidence-based Education in School Inclusion Online: EBE-EUSMOSI enables continuation of mobility for 20 Italian and 20 Spanish teachers

From 7th to 11th of September, the second Teacher Training was organized by EBE-EUSMOSI, this time in Perugia. This Mobility was welcoming the same 20 Spanish teachers and 20 Italian teachers that already met in Barcelona during the first Teacher Training in June 2015 to continue the training activities. Topics of this second Teacher Training were again Prosociality and Social and Emotional Learning, but in this phase the focus was on Social and Emotional Learning. The training sessions were held at the Department of Philosophy, Social and Human Sciences and Education of the University of Perugia. Read more