Teachers’ Guidelines and Training Curricula out now!

The Teachers’ Guidelines and Training Curricula for Italy and Croatia are published now!

The Teachers’ Guidelines and Training Curricula are available openly and freely for your future usage in improving practice of inclusive education.

The document is the summary of three years’ work among five partners’ countries (Italy, Spain, Croatia, Slovenia and the Netherlands) and six different universities (University of Perugia, University of Udine, Autonomous University of Barcelona, University of Zagreb, University of Slovenia and the Open University of the Netherlands). The project EBE-EUSMOSI aims mainly at develop a European reference model able to assess the quality of school inclusion in an Evidence Based Education (EBE) perspective.

During these three years teachers were trained and guidelines for a more inclusive evidence based approach were developed for teachers and headmasters.

All experiences and recommendations deployed in the project for a more inclusive education are reported and published as Open Educational Resources (OER).

This document is structured as follows:

Section 1: Guidelines for Teachers and Headmasters

Section 2: Teachers’ Training Curricula for an Inclusive Education – Tips for teachers


In the end of each section we provide additional resources and you can find further references for all sections in annex at the end.

We hope that this Open Educational Resource from the EBE-EUSMOSI consortium will help you and your colleagues to improve inclusive education in your school and region as well as in whole Europe: Please share it as it has got the open Creative Commons licence “BY-NC-SA” and is openly and freely available for all on our website: