Anamarija Zic Ralic


Anamarija Žic Ralić

University of Zagreb (UNIZG)

Associate professor at the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences, Department Inclusive Education and Rehabilitation, Zagreb, Croatia

Scientific interests

Social inclusion, social-emotional competence and peer relationships of children with disabilities; bullying experience of children with disability (ADHD); cooperation between experts and cooperation with parents in the process of providing support to children with developmental difficulties and their families; quality of life of the family of children with disabilities


  • 4 courses on Bachelor and Master Degree of study program: Educational Rehabilitation – Group work I; Group work II; Inclusive peer relation; Cooperation.
  • 1 course on postgraduate study program “Early Intervention in Educational Rehabilitation” course Personal development of experts
  • 1 course on postgraduate doctoral study Prevention Science and Disability Study – course Education and empowerment

Professional activities

  • Since 1998 has been engaged in the child psychotherapy and family counselling in the Cabinet for Psychotherapy of the Rehabilitation Centre, Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences.

Professional activities connected with social inclusion of children with disabilities

  • participated in designing and evaluating a teacher training for inclusive education, which was adopted by the Croatian Education and Teacher Training Agency after successful scientific evaluation and it was recognised as a form of professional training of full-time teachers and educators.
  • led/participated in several projects focused on social inclusion of children with disability in peer/school context. She created and evaluated activities that encourage the development of social-emotional competence of children with disabilities and their typical peers in school.

Other achievements

  • Published 24 scientific papers, co-author of two books and  presented 56 papers at different congresses
  • Participated in a total of 16 projects (at both national and international levels)