Annalisa Morganti


Associate Professor of Special Edcation

Delegate on Disabilitiy and Learning disorders, Department of Philosopy, Social and Human Sciences and Education – University of Perugia


Ph.D in Educational Sciences from University of Perugia. Associate Professor of Special Education at the University of Perugia.

Her activities are mainly concerned with educational special needs, paying special attention to intellective disability, both in childhood and in the adult age, as well as to problems relating to learning and affective-emotional education. She cooperates at international level with a team devoting itself to social and emotional learning programs, known as Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), as the Italian representative.

She is a member of the SIPeS Board (Italian Society for Special Education) and member of ENSEC (European Network for Social and Emotional Competence) and ICORE (International Community for Open Research and Open Education). She is salso member of Editorial Board of: “Italian Journal of Special Education For Inclusion”

Project co-ordinator European project: LLP – Call for Proposals 2012 (EAC/27/11) Comenius Multilateral Projects, Reference 527206-LLP-2012-IT-COMENIUS-CMP, Project Title: “European Assessment Protocol for Children’s SEL Skills” / EAP_SEL.

Project Co-ordinator European project: ERASMUS + – Strategich Partnership for schools: 2014-1-IT02-KA201-003578, Project Title: Evidence Based Education European Strategic Model for School Inclusion (EBE-EUSMOSI)