New Initiative to Use Proven Evidence-based Education in School Inclusion:

EBE-EUSMOSI Aims to Support and Promote Inclusion Strategies in Europe through Interactive Portal, Dynamic Quality Framework, Open Educational Resources

Which is the best way to assess the elements which compose inclusive and high-quality learning environments using evidence-based education (EBE)? The forward-thinking new Erasmus+ project “Evidence Based Education – European Strategic Model for School Inclusion” (EBE-EUSMOSI)” has set out to develop the great potential of EBE in inclusive educational approaches in schools across Europe.

Taking their cue from the recommendations made in many international studies supporting evidence-based policy-making, EBE-EUSMOSI will address problems in assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of school inclusion practices. Furthermore, the project will work to overcome the difficulties in promoting methodologies suitable for special education and inclusion.

As any good decision-making should be based on empirical research, EBE-EUSMOSI plans to integrate procedures based on such to develop a European reference model to evaluate the quality of school inclusion, especially regarding EBE. The project will also create and validate a tool to assess school inclusion strategies in different organisational and cultural contexts.

In order to ensure the long-term impact of its efforts, EBE-EUSMOSI will foster a research network to integrate, define, and disseminate specific training models internationally, including open educational resources and practices.