Robert Roche

Robert_RocheDr. Robert Roche

Doctor in Psychology. Emeritus professor and lecturer of Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona since 1972. He teaches  Optimization of social development, Prosocial Optimization,Psychology of couple and family relations, Quality communication. He has created models of intervention to improve the quality of communication, giving seminars in Spain, Italy, and he is pioneer and promoter of programs for school and civic education based on prosociality (attitudes and behaviors altruistic oriented), whose application has been done in several countries, specially in Spain, Italy, Slovakia,  Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Cuba, Croatia, Brazil, Venezuela, Uruguay, Ecuador. He directed the Program on Prosociality in the discipline of Ethics for all the educative system in the schools of the Slovak Republic by invitation of the Ministry of Education of this country, publishing the book “Etická. Vychova” that offers the handbook of the Program. (LENCZ, L. (1994) “The Slovak Ethical Education Project” Cambridge Journal of Education, Vol. 24, nº 3. 443-451) Consultant of the Slovak, Argentina, Colombia, Catalan (Spain), Departments of Education. He is teaching courses, seminars, workshops and trainings for psychologists, pedagogists, social workers and teachers in the same countries, participating in many international congress.